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See Calendar for specific times and locations. Please call FEN at 613-584-4886 for further information.

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Drop-In Activities
Parenting Groups
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Drop-In Activities:

Play to Learn
Come at your convenience during drop-in hours (see Calendar). Children (birth to age six) can play and learn with their parents/caregivers. Your child can explore and experience activities to stimulate brain development as well as interact and play with other children.

Circle Time for You and Me!
Together we learn songs, rhymes and finger plays. Children enjoy when adults interact with them through song and participation strengthens the child’s early literacy skills. This activity also introduces toddlers to routine and transition with their parent/caregiver nearby.

Baby Circle Time “Sing to Me”
Songs and rhymes are ways adults communicate with babies. Not only do babies love it, but this communication also contributes to early literacy skills for children! Learn new songs and rhymes to add to your repertoire.

Well Baby Drop-In
A public health nurse is available to weigh your baby/toddler and address any concerns you may have about your child. Breastfeeding support is available.

Story Time
Listening to stories regularly helps young children develop their early literacy skills. Story Time at the library offers a wonderful opportunityfor young children to listen and enjoy stories in a group setting. This program is offered in partnership with the Pt. Alexander Library.

Tuesday Morning "Play With Me" Playgroup
FEN-Deep River hosts this parent-child interactive playgroup which offers slightly more structure to our Play to Learn Drop-in. Each week features a theme around which play-based activities are offered, including creative and sensory stations, circle time, and other play-based learning opportunities. Registration is required for this 8-week long session. Pre-schoolers and older toddlers, joined by their parents, will enjoy this program.

Intergenerational Playgroup
Playgroup meets at the North Renfrew Long Term Care Centre weekly. Together, adults and children enjoy play, crafts, circle time and a snack with some of the residents.

Parenting Groups:

Most of our parenting groups are parent/child interactive. Some are parent only and child care is sometimes available.

Infant Massage
Parents learn this effective technique for relaxing and soothing baby – promoting better sleep and building parents’ confidence in reading and responding to baby’s cues. This is a five week series.

Make the Connection (age birth to 1 year)
Get your baby off to a good start in Love, Language and Learning. Starting early sets the stage for life! This is a nine week series.

Make the Connection (age 1 to 2 years) How can you maintain or even strengthen your positive relationship with your exploring, demanding and even rebellious toddler? Continue to “Make the Connection” with Love, Language and Learning in this nine week series.

Feeding With Love and Good Sense (age 2.5 to 5 years)
Do you worry about what your child eats or whether they are getting enough nutrients? Come prepare a snack with your child and gain some practical tips for helping your toddler get what he/she needs.

Stir it Up! with Kids in the Kitchen (age 3 to 6 years)
A fun and educational introduction to the kitchen and its components! We will be preparing new and exciting snack/lunch ideas, promoting healthy habits and trying new foods!

Mini Mindmasters (age 2 to 5 years)
Help your child master positive-living skills. These fun and versatile activities are designed to help children learn to listen and focus, calm themselves when feeling scared or anxious, channel feelings of anger so no one gets hurt and find the positives in everyday life.

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting
Discipline is teaching and not punishment, yet most parents view discipline to include time outs, taking away privileges and even spanking/hitting. Find out more about parenting tools that give discipline its true meaning. Learn to identify your long term parenting goals so that you don't get caught up in the quick-fixes that do not provide learning opportunities for you and your child. This nine-week long course takes you on a parenting journey where you discover options to be a more effective and loving parent.

Kindergarten Transition
Are you and your child ready for Kindergarten? KT is a parent and child program that runs for four weeks in the Spring prior to your child entering Kindergarten in September. Parents are given information on the Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program as well as various activities they can do at home with their child in preparation for school entry in the Fall. The children are with the FEN Staff, engaged in play-based, learning activities, in a setting similar to the FDELK program.



Adult Workshops – Child care may be available.
FEN provides ongoing opportunities for you to learn about approaches to parenting that may suit your family. Common parenting issues are covered including attachment, discipline, healthy growth and development. We also welcome any suggestions you may have for workshop topics. Some examples of workshops are Taking Care of Mom, Homemade Baby Food, Raising Your Spirited Child and What Can Parents Expect in Grade 1?

Adult/Child Interactive Workshops
FEN provides opportunities for you and your child to participate in fun workshops together. These workshops introduce ideas for activities you can often continue to use at home and provide social interaction opportunities for your child in a more structured setting. Some examples of workshops are Gardening with Children, Tricks & Treats for Numeracy and Literacy, Fun Fitness at FEN, Messy Play and Jigga Jump.

Pre-Natal Support

Canada Pre-Natal Nutrition Program (CPNP)
Weekly meetings provide information and support to pregnant women. Together we prepare and share a nutritious meal or snack. Food vouchers are available.

Our Community Partners Include: